Plume & Prattle (Two Senryu Poems) #OctPoWriMo! #ABC

woman-918981_1920Pajamas’ pink plume

Perky pairs proudly protrude

Publicly perfect


Projecting prim poise

Privately psycho prattle

Perverted poet

Photo from pixabay.

Two Haiku poems (really Senryu) that have a highlighted third word poem woven in the words of the other two.

This time I fear I may have been too vulgar, rather than playful with the theme of lust, so for that I am sorry.


Alphabet Haiku Challenge ~ P:


Low Orbit (Poem)


You are the brilliant jewel of my eye
A lover’s ruby uplifted in the sky

I would gladly pull down a star for you
If you told me that you wanted me to

I wish to write your name up in the stars
Even if I had to tear this whole universe apart

I want to show this bantam planet what I’ve done
To render a constellation in the heavens above

I’m letting your gravity heave against me
You’re scarcity, a luxury in our lone galaxy

The weight of one world can’t hold my love
Even in low orbit I fear my attraction’s too much

2008 (revised 2018)


Photo from pixabay. 

Legacy of an Ember (Poem)

No matter how high I climbtyler-lastovich-583959-unsplash.jpg
I keep on falling further behind
Even as I reach for the sky
My stomach churns and I ignite

My faith won’t lift me any higher
Not when I’m falling on fire
I don’t really care if I die
I’ve led astray too many in this life

Surrounding me with the stinging
Odor of burning wings
Sin has a way of destroying
Every part of this mortal body

There’s no way to climb any higher
I feel like I’m falling on fire
My immortal soul tumbles down
Leaving nasty holes in God’s clouds


Photo by Tyler Lastovich on Unsplash

Leaving Books, Thieving Words (Tango Poem) #OctPoWriMo!


a desire to devour writing burns
longing kindles like wild fire in my palm
and where is that smell that wafts off worn bound books?
struggling to leap off the screen, where have their words gone?

is it wise to take leaves out of books?
when she’s not looking, was it holding place?
bookmarks are hard to retrace without reading
please leave notes – they discourage thieving these plant blades


Photo by Chris Lawton on Unsplash

#OctPoWriMo – Day 17 – #Weekly Tanka Prompt #Poetry Challenge – Week 118 – Education & Wisdom


This is for the poetry prompt of Education & Wisdom from Elsie Hagley. This style is called Tango, a rhymed stanza poem following a count of 9-10-11-12. I was uneasy about trying a longer syllable count since my comfort zone has been limited to mostly Haiku (yes I do have to count on my fingers!).

Well I’m not sure my words count (haha) as wisdom, as I was really just being cheeky. However, in all fairness I do really enjoy a book far more when it isn’t some digital downloaded file that I have to open in a tablet. Maybe I just like bending covers and losing the odd leaf in a binding.

Vacuum Tubes Love Satellites (Poem)

tim-mossholder-191479-unsplash.jpgWe sent rockets to the moon
Back when our science was new
As a nation we were glued
To the couch and vacuum tubes

Balancing your equations
Pushed my imagination
All through my hesitation
I lost your good notation

Exposing each power use
Lacking the fuel to reach you
They too unable to prove
I was too inept to move

Crushed I cannot do the math
Some factor’s holding me back
Miserable macros won’t hack
These coded threads on the stack

We built many satellites
Rolling orbits in the sky
Bored on board, soldered upright
Brittle alloy, never prime



Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

Beauty (Poem)

adult beach black dress daylight
Photo by Pixabay on

You left a hole in Heaven when you drifted down
The planet trembled as you touched ground

All of God’s light pulsed right through your heart
So bright that I mistook you for a falling star

A small fire in the forest was all that remained
Of the last place where an angel fell from grace

I know you try to hide, but I see your wings
You never could disguise your beauty from me


Owls & October (Two Haiku Poems) #Alphabet Haiku Challenge #OctPoWriMo!


Order of old Owls

One obviously older

Observing omens


October olives

Overripe, oozing odd oils

Offensive odor



Photo by Victor Benard on Unsplash

I originally saw this challenge through Elsie’s wonderful poem:

#OctPoWriMo – Day 13 – #Alphabet Haiku: This Week – Letter O – Otter


More can be read on this Alphabet Haiku Challenge from Abigail’s post:

Alphabet Haiku Challenge ~ O


My paired Haiku poem series break a lot of rules, but I try to keep the syllable count correct and I have fun with adding a third highlighted word poem throughout the lines of the two.