2004-2009 Highlights

This is a selection of my poetry written between 2004 through 2009.

Low Orbit ~ 2008 (revised 2018)

You are the brilliant jewel of my eye
A lover's ruby uplifted in the sky

I would gladly pull down a star for you
If you told me that you wanted me to

I wish to write your name up in the stars
Even if I had to tear this whole universe apart

I want to show this bantam planet what I’ve done
To render a constellation in the heavens above

I’m letting your gravity heave against me
You're scarcity, a luxury in our lone galaxy

The weight of one world can't hold my love
Even in low orbit I fear my attraction's too much

Flex, Flex ~ 2005 (revised 2018)

Tired Sun eventually sinks
Troubled Moon breathes

Cold shrinks his
Flower hides her
Shadow chase last
Day runs off toward

All attempts recede
As everything dawns asleep

Unable To Fly ~ 2006 (revised 2018)

I was born without wings to fly
Cursed with longing towards our sky
Afraid I'm stuck down here forever
Tasked with plucking up fallen feathers
To bandage knees from failed attempts
Sanguine ploys of returning to air again
My enamored lust is to be more like you
If only God had given me wings too

The Poet’s Tail ~ 2004 (revised 2009)

Quiet puppy
A last in his brood
Since birth alone
Only half alive

All over he searched
'Till at last he saw
In the corner it perched
Noiseless and lurking

As his head swiveled
To better see
It followed him dancing
Forming a ring

Faster he moved
His cold feet pounding
Joy filled his nostrils
And down his spine

Burning with excitement
He moved a little longer
To catch the tail
Only two feet in front

This ever-going puppy
Is long in his chase
Delighted to lose
This one-sided race

Tale Of The Frog ~ 2009 (revised 2018)

have you ever felt like
you're a frog in the road
or how about the one
that's caught in the throat

the murky pond looks so big
when you're alone
cursing the magic that
chased you out of your home

you can thank the witches
they left wiggling in a hole
it's a humbling experience
being out on your own

with one a broken leg
there isn't far the other can go
but another question is
will she save you a kiss before you croak

The Olive ~ 2004 (revised 2009)

The bad luck cat
Hides under a ladder
My hand spills salt
Which entices your laughter

Cut short by an olive
You're unable to breathe
Without air in space
It grows hard to see

Panic inside
That tightens your chest
Inside your mind screams
But you cannot draw breath

Splattering ink
Form shadows of night
It grows hard to think -
You're ready to die

A pinpoint
Of light descends
Air opens and
New life begins

Dark Palace ~ 2006

looking over her walls of stone
up in her palace she's all alone
sadly looking through iron gates
behind these vines she can't escape

whoever built her walls up break them down
she's in a place where she can't get out
no one ever should be locked up like this
being shut away is no way to live

as night falls, more shadows creep in
drawing herself closer, she's lonely again
in front of the fire, she tries to forget herself
to get lost in a world, to become someone else

whoever built her walls up break them down
she just needs the chance to turn around
no one ever should be locked up like this
being shut away is no way to live

Dreams They Never Last ~ 2006

Not long ago, not far away
There lives a man but she forgot his name
Down in the city there is a pretty girl
Blonde hair and full of curls

She spends her days running against the wind
Wishing she could fly again
Behind her walls she is alone
No place she can ever feel at home

She's building castles in the sand
And she knows that she can't
Live forever in these dreams
No she will never be complete

She's building castles in the sun
Because she has no one
And her fantasies wash away
Under every salty wave

Dreams, they never last
When they are only made of sand

Washed up on the shore
Her desires turn into remorse
Of the love she never had
Of all the things she can't take back

They spend their time
Living their separate lives
So she spends her days
A solus ghost in the rain

All this anger she can't explain
All alone she feels no pain
Drowning dreams in the Siren deep
Sinking beneath the mocking sea

Love Sea ~ 2007

cosmic beauty the stars are losing
their appeal to me

this starry ocean, lovers' devotion
all so comforting

watching you glitter, they all grow dimmer
adrift in your sea

moonlit faerie - my distant cherry
I find you intoxicating

tracing your curves, so scared it will hurt
silently drowning

Water ~ 2007

I can see my reflection shining in you
Beyond the reeds where your water is blue
You look so inviting I’m tempted to jump in
But I think we both know that I can't swim

Observant fingers tracing designs over your surface
Teasing little waves, you’re always so perfect

Submerging my hands, I bring you up to my lips
Drinking deeply – this is more than a kiss
Letting you run all the way down my face
As you spill back down to your watery grave

Locked In A Castle ~ 2005

Every story has a beginning
Some start with a princess
So very pretty

Locked in a castle so far away
She's waiting for someone to take her away

She's getting lonely
Every moment she goes through
She's getting lonely
Lost in her empty room

Every day brings her heart aching
She's openly praying
'Somebody Save Me'

So many days she's been alone
So many things she'll never know
She’s going to be locked up there forever
If no one comes to get her

Every night when she turns out the light
She silently cries for
Her prince on a white horse

You, His Canvas ~ 2007 (revised 2018)

It's amazing that with just a few sketches He drew
Turning this ordinary canvas into a lovely portrait of you

He showed us that shy smile you sometimes hide
Masterfully capturing the yearning in your eyes

So much care He with every freckle traced
Forgetting the need bereft you of any mistakes

Illustrating your figure with a just few delicate strokes
So much attention layered before His pencil broke

This type of beauty might not ever be drawn again
But it was worth it - if only framed in perfection

Hearts Don’t Bend, They Break ~ 2009 (revised 2018)

I feel like a string that keeps falling apart
Like a page was torn right out of my heart

I think I've frayed both ends of my rope
I won't push on, but I'm too scared to let go

There’s a part of me slowly sinking away
You've rendered a hole that can't be replaced

I'm struggling to keep my feet on the ground
I can't get up when you keep pushing me down

Just when I thought that I’ve had all I could take
I found out that hearts don't bend, they break

Ballerina ~ 2006 (revised 2018)

a white shoe falls
off as she reaches
toward the floor

lacy ribbons of pink
cascade down in little
spiraling arcs

as she bends from first
to fix a run in
one stocking

her curves
are so beautiful
and glowing

the lights begin
to dim
and the curtains open

startled she
runs back off stage to
finish the knot

Cherry ~ 2007

always best
when you hold it in
your mouth, not letting any
of its goodness run out. tying a
knot with only your tongue
or sharing the stem
with someone

By A Thread ~ 2007 (revised 2018)

 I'm barely holding on
Just narrowly by a
Crawling like a spider
I've almost fallen off my
W      E      B
As the sky darkens
The night nurtures some
I cling even tighter
Refusing to be washed
Blue foolish crystals hang
Dangerously from the
S  I  L  K
Catching Morning's rays
That burn through my
G    U    I     L     T
Either the water is rising
Or, rather, I'm starting to
My life must be getting harder
For I've never felt so
Moreover, I’m cannot shoulder
The burden of losing my
I, the callow spider
Unable to face my shallow

Chocolate I & II ~ 2006, 2008

I've never been able to resist
Any little bit of chocolate
If it's an addiction
Then it's one I'm not kickin'
There's no better way
To hide caramel away
They never seem to make enough
Of covered cherries or nuts
I love every sticky mess
But I think strawberries are best
I'm not going to lie
If you were chocolate inside
I would just have to taste
And let none of you go to waste

as I open this box of secret delights
swarms of ambrosia roast through my mind
fueling an eruption of pure hazel lust
igniting a passion for - of all things - dreary coconut
spicy dark shadows break up the mix
marching together with legions of peppermint
spattering the nougat, all drizzled and crushed
delicately infused with rich cacao dust
releasing heavenly flavors in every bite
eager, I open the lid to your valentines