2018 Highlights

This is a selection of my poetry written in 2018.

Beauty ~ 2018

You left a hole in Heaven when you drifted down
The planet trembled as you touched ground

All of God's light pulsed right through your heart
So bright that I mistook you for a falling star

A small fire in the forest was all that remained
Of the last place where an angel fell from grace

I know you try to hide, but I see your wings
You never could disguise your beauty from me

Ice Cubes ~ 2018

Helping two new crystal cubes
Propel their way all over you

Bravely melting in rivers
Encouraged by tiny shivers

Breathing patterns down your spine
Intensely happy little ice

Ocean ~ 2018

this feeling
of elation
is the most curious

all my repressed
keeps washing
over me like an ocean

e’re compassed
by piercing waves
grimly sodden
yet drifting astray

I Often Wander In Circles ~ 2018

I often wander in circles
Crawling over, back through lines
My excursions scarcely errant
Craving words that linger in departed times

Is arrogance my chief fallacy
Gnawing at this vestal impulse
Burdened by habitual intentions
Grasping for those vestiges - mere crumbs of control

Half-Life ~ 2018

In the absence of light
Stealing any photons in sight
Your acceleration only furthers the guise

Massless invaders
Acting like fatal creators

Why is everything you say
Spun ‘round so many particles of hate?
Charming the quarks, encouraged to decay

Though it's still ironic
That you can’t emit to be this ionic

You’re always so negative
Depressingly positive

I swear it's been pretty obvious
Ebbing inside
You’re living a half-life

Warming Breeze ~ 2018

Tension sways a load
Nigh the old window
Deftly gripping with unease

Shy dew drops hold taut
Another year’s wash
Freshly drawn - winter’s last sheets

June greets the line
Such a timid tattle
Gently summer, warming breeze

The Watcher In The Woods ~ 2018

A song bird’s voice
Distance yet

Singing devils
To my

And suddenly
The Wood awakens to

The weary watcher
Out of place
Grows quiet

Venom ~ 2018

At the risk of sounding mean
I won't be saying anything

Too bad you let yourself get hurt
Even from my kindest words

So sad you've never had a clue
Of all the things I'm not telling you

But I’m glad you can’t peek inside
Coiled up tight, to my vicious side

My forked tongue knows venom burns
From always biting back these words

Leprechaun’s Gold ~ 2018

Let's turn a new leaf
And steal what's underneath
For no reason we claim
This land for our own

Polishing diamonds all our lives
‘til the blood really starts to shine
Humanity's curse never gets old
Forever turning greedy hearts cold

Let's harvest from the sea
About a billion barrels deep
Not like anything ever
Called these coral reefs home

We're hunting plunder ‘til we find
All those pretty treasures that we like
But was it worth selling our soul
To enjoy a few bags of leprechaun’s gold

You Are My Star ~ 2018

when the world lost its colour
only your light remained unchanged
even in the fury of the tempest
your rays cut through the rain
athwart the very pitch of night
you shine true, bright as day
how can love be blind if I can still see
you are my star, ever so far away