Ocean (Poem)

action adventure aerial aerial shot
Photo by Sebastian Voortman on Pexels.com

this feeling
of elation
is the most curious

all my repressed
keeps washing
over me like an ocean

e’re compassed
by piercing waves
grimly sodden
yet drifting astray



Digital Age (Poem)


Photo by Fancycrave on Unsplash

they crammed a chip inside his brain
shadowing every move he makes
it’s the easiest way to keep him safe

they etched a circuit in her eyes
spying on everything she hides
to illuminate the darkness inside

welcome to the victims of the digital age
where everyone clicks on their few seconds of fame
but how long before the data’s replaced
and we all get burned on the front-page

they steal our thoughts and sell our dreams
transforming our lives into things obscene
fueling our lust for things we don’t need

all hail the heretics of the digital age
here every troll has a few seconds onstage
a tiny flame that just flashes and fades
now – please – let your minds erase

2011 (revised 2018)


Locked In A Castle (Poem)

ancient architecture blue sky building
Photo by Agnieszka Palmowska on Pexels.com

Every story has a beginning
Some start with a princess
So very pretty

Locked in a castle so far away
She’s waiting for someone to take her away

She’s getting lonely
Every moment she goes through
She’s getting lonely
Lost in her empty room

Every day brings her heart aching
She’s openly praying
‘Somebody Save Me’

So many days she’s been alone
So many things she’ll never know
She’s going to be locked up there forever
If no one comes to get her

Every night when she turns out the light
She silently cries for
Her prince on a white horse


Tied To A String (Poem)


I feel like a balloon, tied to a string
Simple, hollow and carefree

With the wind gently pushing my face
I’m cautiously bobbing away

Far from the war down on the ground
Gaining new perspective in the clouds

I guess we’d all really like to know
Which direction the wind will blow

Personally I’d feel much better
If I were drifting towards warmer weather

Still – I feel like a balloon, clutching a string
Lost, shallow and leaking


Photo by Blake Cheek on Unsplash

Mind Of A Machine (Poem)

coding computer data depth of field
Photo by Kevin Ku on Pexels.com

with a push of a switch
the circuit’s alive
and in no time
its mimicking life

what if they tried
to destroy us all
would you stand by
when the world falls

bionic lasers
destroyed the skies
the world’s dissolving
as freedom dies

and as the blood
drips in your eyes
who will be left
to survive

we’ve crossed the line –
there’s no turning back
science was proven
time we face the facts

organic guns
spreading silent death
all those implants
won’t help you forget

we were the masters
now we are the slaves
the future’s staring us
right in the face

and as the blood
drips from your chest
a silicon heart
is all you’ll have left

it’s all in the mind of a machine


Water (Poem)


Photo by Biel Morro on Unsplash

I can see my reflection shining in you
Beyond the reeds where your water is blue
You look so inviting I’m tempted to jump in
But I think we both know that I can’t swim

Observant fingers tracing designs over your surface
Teasing little waves, you’re always so perfect

Submerging my hands, I bring you up to my lips
Drinking deeply – this is more than a kiss
Letting you run all the way down my face
As you spill back down to your watery grave