Mind Of A Machine (Poem)

coding computer data depth of field
Photo by Kevin Ku on Pexels.com

with a push of a switch
the circuit’s alive
and in no time
its mimicking life

what if they tried
to destroy us all
would you stand by
when the world falls

bionic lasers
destroyed the skies
the world’s dissolving
as freedom dies

and as the blood
drips in your eyes
who will be left
to survive

we’ve crossed the line –
there’s no turning back
science was proven
time we face the facts

organic guns
spreading silent death
all those implants
won’t help you forget

we were the masters
now we are the slaves
the future’s staring us
right in the face

and as the blood
drips from your chest
a silicon heart
is all you’ll have left

it’s all in the mind of a machine



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