Castaway (Poem)

ocean water wave photo
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Living her life
Out on the waves

She’s drifting
To a secret place

She’s a castaway

Now she’s floating
Out so far

Following the stars

Keen seafarer’s arms

As they guide her
With their light

Torpor compass
Sailing towards the sky

Her heart in the brine

2009 (revised 2018)


You, His Canvas (Poem)

blue and purple color pencils
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It’s amazing that with just a few sketches He drew
Turning this ordinary canvas into a lovely portrait of you

He showed us that shy smile you sometimes hide
Masterfully capturing the yearning in your eyes

So much care He with every freckle traced
Forgetting the need bereft you of any mistakes

Illustrating your figure with a just few delicate strokes
So much attention layered before His pencil broke

This type of beauty might not ever be drawn again
But it was worth it – if only framed in perfection

2007 (revised 2018)

Small King (Poem)

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revel in the power
sit upon your throne
plaster on a smile
so you don’t feel so alone
as you barricade yourself
in that castle you call home

you’re just a small king
way out of his league
merely pretending to be royalty

hide out in your chambers
cower in the dark
afraid to look outside
afraid to make you mark
clutching your feeble crown
against that hollow heart

you’re just a small king
and size is not the only thing
to which I’m referring

give me the key, just give me the key
and you will fall

you’re just a small king
perched aloft books you can’t read
heading straight towards the guillotine

2010 (revised 2018)

Warming Breeze (Poem)

I’m still new to this whole blogging thing, but I thought I’d have fun and write a poem in response to Kayla Ann’s End of Summer POETRY CONTEST

shallow focus photography of wooden clothes clip on clothes string rack
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Tension sways a load
Nigh the old window
Deftly gripping with unease

Shy dew drops hold taut
Another year’s wash
Freshly drawn – winter’s last sheets

June greets the line
Such a timid tattle
Gently summer, warming breeze



That Kiss (Poem)

woman wearing purple and beige lipstick
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The world forgets to move
Even time’s holding its breath
I step closer to you
Unable to stop this pounding in my chest

I’m getting lost in your eyes
I keep swimming in their depths
I’m falling farther inside
You right here, dancing in my head

It’s like I’m falling asleep
When I am still wide awake
This feels so much like a dream
I wonder if you’ve ever felt the same

I can almost touch your lips
When you inch closer back
I have never felt like this
I love touching your hands

This moment lasts forever
These seconds seem like years
You make life so much better
I hope that you always stay right here

I can even feel your breath
Your mouth is so close to mine
Causing this spinning in my head
I’ve completely lost track of time

So I shyly caress your lips
And before you can react
I finally steal that kiss
I’ve never wanted something so bad


Hearts Don’t Bend, They Break (Poem)

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I feel like a string that keeps falling apart
Like a page was torn right out of my heart

I think I’ve frayed both ends of my rope
I won’t push on, but I’m too scared to let go

There’s a part of me slowly sinking away
You’ve rendered a hole that can’t be replaced

I’m struggling to keep my feet on the ground
I can’t get up when you keep pushing me down

Just when I thought that I’ve had all I could take
I found out that hearts don’t bend, they break

2009 (revised 2018)