Leprechaun’s Gold (Poem)


Let’s turn a new leaf
And steal what’s underneath
For no reason we claim
This land for our own

Polishing diamonds all our lives
‘til the blood really starts to shine
Humanity’s curse never gets old
Forever turning greedy hearts cold

Let’s harvest from the sea
About a billion barrels deep
Not like anything ever
Called these coral reefs home

We’re hunting plunder ‘til we find
All those pretty treasures that we like
But was it worth selling our soul
To enjoy a few bags of leprechaun’s gold


Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash



Sidelines (Poem)


If I could start over completely
I would do this differently
If I had a second chance to be
The man you wanted of me

If I could start over one time
I’d give anything for another try
I wish I could rewind my mind
But instead I’m –

Sitting on the sidelines
Wallowing all my life
Allowing moments to pass on by

If I could wipe my slate clean
I promise to do things perfectly
If I had a second chance to be
Everything you need

I’d give anything for a second try
I promise somehow to get it right
I’d give anything to restart this time
I wish I wasn’t –

Sitting on the sidelines
Watching you my whole life
Wishing I could be by your side

2011 (revised 2018)


Photo by Trym Nilsen on Unsplash