Leprechaun’s Gold (Poem)


Let’s turn a new leaf
And steal what’s underneath
For no reason we claim
This land for our own

Polishing diamonds all our lives
‘til the blood really starts to shine
Humanity’s curse never gets old
Forever turning greedy hearts cold

Let’s harvest from the sea
About a billion barrels deep
Not like anything ever
Called these coral reefs home

We’re hunting plunder ‘til we find
All those pretty treasures that we like
But was it worth selling our soul
To enjoy a few bags of leprechaun’s gold


Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash



2 thoughts on “Leprechaun’s Gold (Poem)

  1. Was all the plundering worth it? No, not worth it at all. Your love of the earth comes through loud and clear here. I love the earth, too. It was nice meeting you via this week’s letter is ‘Q’ Haiku challenge.

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