Hope, Halo (Two Haiku Poems)


Last year’s shipment of

All our hope arrived too late

In these sunken boats


Your halo hangs low

Bending on white feathered wings

Burning hearts below



Photo by Rob Potter on Unsplash



Frost, Float (Two Haiku Poems)

filip-mroz-567651-unsplash.jpgAbove all your ice

Your frozen crown tilts one side

As smug frost collides


Hopeless in this moat

Negative waves jerk my rope

Good thoughts never float


Photo by Filip Mroz on Unsplash

So while I was revisiting some of my older poems (which I exemplified in I Often Wander In Circles), I had several short poems and leftover stanzas that were trimmed off and honestly I really didn’t know what to do with them. As terrible as it may sound, I have deleted a fair share of poetry over the years (which is why I wrote Erased as a post reflection of those times) so there was a risk of that reoccurring.

Well anyways, after holding these recent snippets in my back pocket for a while I decided to try turning them into a series of Haiku poems. I haven’t written much of these before, so if I missed the mark with these, please let me know.  Who knows, if they really are that bad, I may delete them =)


Fallen For A Tiger (Poem)


Disguised as a coy little lioness
Pretending to be so heartless
Pouncing on me with all her energy
Man that girl can be so deadly

I kinda wish she were a bit nicer
Still the fact is I’ve fallen for a tiger

Equipped with four frisky paws
Housed around her mischievous claws
Stuffed inside the softest fur
Which rumbles whenever she purrs

Toying with desire these felines are biters
Her tale’s ending with me none the wiser

2006 (revised 2018)

Photo by Fran Taylor on Unsplash

Chainsaw (Poem)


Crying, fervently alone in her room
Wondering what else she could do
Tragically her life is falling apart
Dreadfully, everything seems so hard

I never meant to be so mean
I was trying to keep her happy
Mostly, she kept quiet all her life
For a while I thought she was doing fine

O God, she’s got a chainsaw
And her other hand just turned it on
I don’t know if I should laugh or scream
Judging people is such a hard thing

Before now she never made a sound
And this is how she turned out
O please, can’t this be a bad dream
Why do bad things need to happen to me

2006 (revised 2018)

Photo by Michael Fenton on Unsplash

Odd Apple (Poem)


the hidden mass can’t find
pushing at
whatever gravity
toils hard to hide

maybe this barren garden needs
airy soil to survive

what does it matter if its dark
all that matters
is this secret
seed of my heart

can hardly harvest fruit when
weeds are so far

these building blocks collide
punching through
holes of earth
sprouting out new life

even the odd looking apple
falls down one time


Photo by Olivier Miche on Unsplash