Dying To Be Alone (Etheree Poem)

Extends out
Pushing back earth
Shifting from a gust
Breaking over her tomb
More digits follow the first
Timid movements laden with woe
Why was she buried in the first place?
She never was dying to be alone

Photo from pixabay.

For Colleen’s Weekly Poetry Challenge: Afraid & Grave, #SynonymsOnly.



Tyrant In Her Tower (Poem)

mobile-phone-1875813_1920She’s fallen in ruins of destruction
Holding onto her torn paper doll
Gazing out across her wasteland of nothing
Observing the final end of it all

She’s given up her hunger for freedom
To be released from his chains
Not but a bare waif in his kingdom
Kept for years under wanton rein

She promised herself to one day be free
Which fostered the faintest flame inside
Igniting in her a vague hope to believe
Perhaps there really is some good in this life

Yet that tyrant’s still tossing about in her tower
So deluded he thinks she loves and obeys
Under his crooked crown of power
She struggles daily against his wicked ways

2006 (revised 2018)

Photo from pixabay.

Questions (Senryu Poem) #AHC



Quivering questions

Quailing quietly, questing

Quelling quahogs’ quips


Photo by Maria M on Unsplash



Alphabet Haiku Challenge ~ Q


Well, ‘Q’ was a tough one! Sadly I couldn’t make two poems work in my typical fashion without the third interwoven poem turning nonsensical. So here is just one, with the question of “If food could talk, would you want to know what clams (quahogs) are saying?”.

Magic Carpet (Poem)


flying so far above the ground
racing right through the clouds
up to where there’s no ones around
so high, I don’t dare look down

on this magic carpet of mine
together riding all through the night
with a beautiful princess by my side
bright eyes reflecting the moonlight

and if they try to keep us apart
we’ll find a way, we can fly away to escape
and be alone forever

exploring the oceans and the seas
waves playing games underneath
getting lost in the world’s mysteries
with vistas splashing into glorious scenes

on this magic carpet of mine
together riding all through the night
with a beautiful princess by my side
watching our galaxy shine in her eyes

and if they try to stop our love
we’ll fly away, heart guide the way to our secret place
to hide out there together

on this magic carpet of mine

2011 (revised 2018)

Photo from pixabay.

Shy For A Reason (Poem)


I’m holding onto my breath
I’ve been biting on my tongue
I can’t stop the pounding in my chest
I wish I knew what was wrong

Why do I feel so scared?
I know it’s because of you
How can this be fair?
Why don’t I know what to do?

Did you close your lips for a reason?
Is that why you’re not speaking?
I’d give anything just to tease them
I wish I knew what you’re thinking

2007 (revised 2018)

Photo from pixabay.