Murky, Moonlight (Two Haiku Poems)

patrick-hendry-422301-unsplash.jpgTrapped in Shadowland

Nightmares infest this village

A murky king reigns


Marching to Moonlight

Flames burst from a frightened mob

As the roofs ignite


Photo by Patrick Hendry on Unsplash


9 thoughts on “Murky, Moonlight (Two Haiku Poems)

      1. I am flattered! I actually only tried writing Haiku poems from seeing authors (including you) post them. This double post style I loosely have been following is punctuated with a third poem hidden within the lines of the two Haikus (one word per line). It has been a lot of fun seeing what two poems I can fit together and create a theme. I try to keep the 5-7-5 count of both poems true, but I have done a lot of cheating with contractions.


      2. Haha there are many schools of thought on the haiku! I love the hidden third poem you incorporate in your work. I have experimented with the 5-7-5 syllable count and no count. What I love about blogging is both the freedom to try new forms and new things and the supportive community.

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      3. The community here on wordpress is very supportive and I am very grateful for the positive remarks that has enabled me to grow and to try out new ideas in writing. I’m finding so many prompts and challenges that are truly amazing at keeping me not only writing, but seeing what others creating. Thank you again for your kind words and support!

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