Viper (Alphabet Haiku) #AHC

Vaguely villainous

Viper’s vacuous venom

Violating vows

Photo from pixabay.

Abigail’s Alphabet Haiku Challenge ~ V


Hold Still Please (Poem)

are you human
or one of our machines
there’s no wrong answer
merely different ways
that we’re likely to proceed
we’re scanning bodies
for something unique
this message plays
while your data’s processing
it’s best for these tests
if you would please
hold still and try no to breathe
we really need you
to remain stationary
if it turns out you’re human
you could see your experience
may vary greatly


Photo from pixabay.

Yarn (Etheree Poem)

barren yard
lavishly spread
spools of twine pulled tight
disguising my sound threads
rigorous patterns alight
secured strings wound up as trip lines
bitter tension hides before your eyes
ensnaring wayfarers in knotty yarn


Photo from pixabay.

For Colleen’s Weekly Tanka Tuesday Poetry Challenge: Cold & Safe, #SynonymsOnly.

I’m using the primary synonyms bitter (for cold) and secured (for safe), and secondary related words of rigorous and sound.

Hounds (Etheree Poem)

hungry eyes feast upon the regale spread
figures peer from pallid old shutters
mountains of mash, gravy ravines
hail the window pane with fog
stray paws lean on the glass
’til words discourage
turkey resounds
tails rebound


Photo by Ken Treloar on Unsplash

Colleen’s Weekly Poetry Challenge: Celebrate & Number, #SynonymsOnly.

The words I selected for this week’s synonym challenge were resound (for celebrate) and figure (for number).