Derelict Adventure (Etheree Poem)


buried in shelves
skittish print dust bound
dulcet yet derelict
flush with want, packed full of life
voracious for discovery
but time bodes ill of this adventure
pale refuse neglected by its seeker


Photo from pixabay.

For Colleen’s Weekly Poetry Challenge: Pleasant & Read, #SynonymsOnly.

I used Dulcet & Flush (a transitive verb for color of Red which is a homophone of the past tense of Read, which has a different pronunciation).


8 thoughts on “Derelict Adventure (Etheree Poem)

      1. You are a special guy because not many people feel that way! I recently helped a used book store named, “Dead Tree Books”, that my boyfriend introduced me to when I first move to town. I called in a contact to create some beautiful wooden signs for their shop. It’s exciting to peruse the shelves. Enjoyed this poem very much. 🙂

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      2. Thank you! Books for me are a wonderful escape, and also they have so much reference material that I cannot find online. So many times when I need to understand a programming concept I am looking through my collection of books that I litter with sticky notes, instead of hoping what I might find online applies to my project. I hope technology will enhance, not replace these printed marvels.

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      3. Yes, I know what you mean! Sticky notes…it reminds me how one of my friends reads the bible. Neon sticky notes everywhere! Though with computer science, I feel like it’s so easy to search within Stack Overflow database. I guess I’m so used to e-books for programming. I do like your thoughts on technology enhancement. I guess I feel that way with Prezi or Powerpoint… it shouldn’t really replace the content you plan to share, but some people rely on it like a crutch!

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