The Last Entry (Poem)

rocking back and forth
lying shattered on the floor

the drugs she needs
keep leaving her empty

old bottles scattered open
hungry needles forever broken

pain’s no substitute for love
so she’s writing this in blood

defeated she sinks beneath
and slowly drifts off to sleep

her message was costing too much
as warm water joins her in the tub

she’s soon lost up in the clouds
this time she won’t come down

a cherished creature joins the deep
letting her lovely arms bleed

2006 (revised 2018)

Photo by Aliyah Jamous on Unsplash

Some battles can’t be fought alone. Sometimes we need help. 


Derelict Adventure (Etheree Poem)


buried in shelves
skittish print dust bound
dulcet yet derelict
flush with want, packed full of life
voracious for discovery
but time bodes ill of this adventure
pale refuse neglected by its seeker


Photo from pixabay.

For Colleen’s Weekly Poetry Challenge: Pleasant & Read, #SynonymsOnly.

I used Dulcet & Flush (a transitive verb for color of Red which is a homophone of the past tense of Read, which has a different pronunciation).

News (Etheree Poem)

whisper-408482_1280someone close to me told me a secret
it wasn’t you, but I’m sure you’ll keep it
to know news is no accident
but to share in confidence
is a coincidence
nothing’s classified
when scrutinized
as a



Photo from pixabay.


For Colleen’s Weekly Poetry Challenge

For this challenge I selected synonyms for gossip and story. I really like the Etheree style so I had to give it another go!