2019 Highlights

This is a selection of my poetry written in 2019.

Honor ~ 2019

He ran straight against
Another painful consequence

For his helmet’s fallen down
Worn armor scraping ground
True he gave it all he had
Faithful sword now broken in half
Cast off like other soldiers in the dirt
Bruised from the conflict of words
Not all battles lead to conquest
When the brave omit finesse

Scandalous ~ 2007 (revised 2019)

Let them say what they will about us
Their kind thrives when it’s scandalous
Few abuse their right to be more wrong
Happily ignorant on what’s really going on
Vile rumors of what they wish to be true
But it burns me anyone could think this of you
Surrounded, hounded – smutty hens clucking away
This foul flock leaves droppings every place
Dirty minds can’t make up for what they lack inside
Their filth rolls off my back to blind my eyes

I, Ego ~ 2019

I find my injured ego revolting
Insistently boisterous and shining
Ignoring lesser creatures’ complaints

Infused, injected, id super-plated
It’s an irritatingly simple truth
Idly obscuring others from view
Indifference masks over cries for help
I am only interested in self

Stones Throw Away ~ 2019

This stone was thrown with such good intent
And as the glass broke
I fled, too offended to mention

Chocolate Round Three ~ 2019

What is known as a blood rush
Is when one bite causes a flush
I fear you have been injecting my veins
As I keep caving to cravings of taste
All dolled up in creamy truffle shells
Freed only when the wrappers dispelled

Wolf Pack ~ 2019

She told me to run why didn’t I believe
Before the wolves started circling
I can see them heralding bitter trees
Sizing me up and down like rotting meat
Coward’s light creeping away too fast
Fear for this candle crying so hard to last
Moreover, she said to stay awake, stay alive
These recommendations haunted me over night
So often I seem to find something my pride lacks
Routinely fleeing hungry wolf packs