Chocolate Round Three (Poem)

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What is known as a blood rush
Is when one bite causes a flush

I fear you have been injecting my veins
As I keep caving to cravings of taste

All dolled up in creamy truffle shells
Freed only when the wrappers dispelled

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You Are My Star (Poem)

angel-2538427_1920.jpgwhen the world lost its colour
only your light remained unchanged
even in the fury of the tempest
your rays cut through the rain
athwart the very pitch of night
you shine true, bright as day
how can love be blind if I can still see
you are my star, ever so far away



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Supernova (Poem)

pencil-nebula-1919438_1920.jpgWhen she walked the stars obeyed
When she cried the heavens rained

The planets surround her
They are always around her

But I fear I am the one in danger
Lovely lady, would you do me a favor

Could you stop this supernova
Please stop the sun from exploding

In the wake of getting over you
Cosmic forces tore me in two

There are pieces of me floating out in space
I fractured apart and now I can’t replace

Lost in her galaxy, blinded by beauty
Traveling at light speed ’til I burn to nothing

2006 (revised 2018)

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Magic Carpet (Poem)


flying so far above the ground
racing right through the clouds
up to where there’s no ones around
so high, I don’t dare look down

on this magic carpet of mine
together riding all through the night
with a beautiful princess by my side
bright eyes reflecting the moonlight

and if they try to keep us apart
we’ll find a way, we can fly away to escape
and be alone forever

exploring the oceans and the seas
waves playing games underneath
getting lost in the world’s mysteries
with vistas splashing into glorious scenes

on this magic carpet of mine
together riding all through the night
with a beautiful princess by my side
watching our galaxy shine in her eyes

and if they try to stop our love
we’ll fly away, heart guide the way to our secret place
to hide out there together

on this magic carpet of mine

2011 (revised 2018)

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Shy For A Reason (Poem)


I’m holding onto my breath
I’ve been biting on my tongue
I can’t stop the pounding in my chest
I wish I knew what was wrong

Why do I feel so scared?
I know it’s because of you
How can this be fair?
Why don’t I know what to do?

Did you close your lips for a reason?
Is that why you’re not speaking?
I’d give anything just to tease them
I wish I knew what you’re thinking

2007 (revised 2018)

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Low Orbit (Poem)


You are the brilliant jewel of my eye
A lover’s ruby uplifted in the sky

I would gladly pull down a star for you
If you told me that you wanted me to

I wish to write your name up in the stars
Even if I had to tear this whole universe apart

I want to show this bantam planet what I’ve done
To render a constellation in the heavens above

I’m letting your gravity heave against me
You’re scarcity, a luxury in our lone galaxy

The weight of one world can’t hold my love
Even in low orbit I fear my attraction’s too much

2008 (revised 2018)


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