Beauty (Poem)

adult beach black dress daylight
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You left a hole in Heaven when you drifted down
The planet trembled as you touched ground

All of God’s light pulsed right through your heart
So bright that I mistook you for a falling star

A small fire in the forest was all that remained
Of the last place where an angel fell from grace

I know you try to hide, but I see your wings
You never could disguise your beauty from me



Fallen For A Tiger (Poem)


Disguised as a coy little lioness
Pretending to be so heartless
Pouncing on me with all her energy
Man that girl can be so deadly

I kinda wish she were a bit nicer
Still the fact is I’ve fallen for a tiger

Equipped with four frisky paws
Housed around her mischievous claws
Stuffed inside the softest fur
Which rumbles whenever she purrs

Toying with desire these felines are biters
Her tale’s ending with me none the wiser

2006 (revised 2018)

Photo by Fran Taylor on Unsplash

A Heartbeat Away (Poem)

man and woman standing at seashore
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It’s not that my heart skipped a beat
You actually stopped it completely

And yet somehow I’m still alive
I thought for sure I would have died

Here I am blindly diving into this sea
This leap of faith could cost me everything

Hard to exaggerate when my mind’s already blank
You deviously teased my thoughts away

That smile is worth about ten thousand kisses
I pray you’ll let me be the one who’ll give them