Wolf Pack (Poem)

She told me to run why didn’t I believe
Before the wolves started circling

I can see them heralding bitter trees
Sizing me up and down like rotting meat

Coward’s light creeping away too fast
Fear for this candle crying so hard to last

Moreover she said to stay awake, stay alive
These recommendations haunted me over night

So often I seem to find something my pride lacks
Routinely fleeing hungry wolf packs


Photo by Marek Szturc on Unsplash


Hold Still Please (Poem)

are you human
or one of our machines
there’s no wrong answer
merely different ways
that we’re likely to proceed
we’re scanning bodies
for something unique
this message plays
while your data’s processing
it’s best for these tests
if you would please
hold still and try no to breathe
we really need you
to remain stationary
if it turns out you’re human
you could see your experience
may vary greatly


Photo from pixabay.

Don’t Take No Prisoners (Poem)

battle-1846807_1920.jpgyour shield’s shining strong, true – free
it was forged to defend against all impurities
this is your crusade to crush all those in your way
stoic, and you know it – but don’t let ‘em tarnish your name

who cares who you harm

can’t even see ‘em when your vision blurs

embrace the higher call to arms

easier if you don’t take no prisoners

what was your mission, something like “get in and get out alive”
remember your oath “just do what you feel is right”
this is your chance to overcome your past
you’ve only got the one – make it last


Photo from pixabay.


Green Machines (Poem)


even in hard times people eat
no one wants to die hungry
but it doesn’t take a genius to see
we like to outsource everything

you keep building up their walls
one stone at a time
I’m afraid we’re all going to fall
burning every bridge behind

when you replace man with a machine
who’s left to hold up the economy
how can we ever afford going green
if we can’t even afford the things we need

you keep painting over these walls
one brick at a time
soon they’ll have no colour at all
perhaps our oil’s run dry

2010 (revised 2018)

Photo by Cody Davis on Unsplash


Monster Hunting (Poem)

She’s crawling towards you
Don’t make a sound
mikhail-vasilyev-253977-unsplashShe is the monster
Hunting you down

You think by screaming
Someone’s going to come
But you’re trapped in a corner
And there’s nowhere to run

She’s a maniac

Can you feel those claws
As they wrap around your neck
Do you feel safe when
You’re all alone in your bed


He’s a maniac

He’s coming for you
Don’t make a sound
He is the monster
Hunting you down

You leave a trail
That anyone can follow
You’ve got a taste
That he longs to swallow

2007 (revised 2018)

Photo by Mikhail Vasilyev on Unsplash

Photo by Terra Evans on Unsplash


Chainsaw (Poem)


Crying, fervently alone in her room
Wondering what else she could do
Tragically her life is falling apart
Dreadfully, everything seems so hard

I never meant to be so mean
I was trying to keep her happy
Mostly, she kept quiet all her life
For a while I thought she was doing fine

O God, she’s got a chainsaw
And her other hand just turned it on
I don’t know if I should laugh or scream
Judging people is such a hard thing

Before now she never made a sound
And this is how she turned out
O please, can’t this be a bad dream
Why do bad things need to happen to me

2006 (revised 2018)

Photo by Michael Fenton on Unsplash