Hope In A Tempest (Poem)

twisted visions barring my every which way
marshaling wrong moves in this maze
wrecked limbs so pitiless to learn
feeding thorns adorning cruel turns
wishing snowed walls would give ground
to greet the sky as she looks down
but that hope must be miles ahead
as I navigate the very bends I dread


Photo by Maksym Kaharlytskyi on Unsplash


Scandalous (Poem)

Let them say what they will about us
Their kind thrives when it’s scandalous
Few abuse their right to be more wrong
Happily ignorant on what’s really going on
Vile rumors of what they wish to be true
But it burns me anyone could think this of you
Surrounded, hounded – smutty hens clucking away
This foul flock leaves droppings every place
Dirty minds can’t make up for what they lack inside
Their filth rolls off my back to blind my eyes

2007 (revised 2019)

Photo from pixabay.

Curse The Waves (Poem)

Oh dear, I fear this cocky ship’s sinking more each day
Abandoned by the oars, I’m following all the same
Good intentions won’t long keep these weathered boards afloat
Best chances of not drowning were safely staying home
Oh curse you waves! Your sharks need little excuse to feed
Cruel ocean gnaws at me for sailing carelessly


Photo by Mishal Ibrahim on Unsplash

Honor (Poem)

He ran straight against
Another painful consequence
For his helmet’s fallen down
Worn armor scraping ground
True he gave it all he had
Faithful sword now broken in half
Cast off like other soldiers in the dirt
Bruised from the conflict of words
Not all battles lead to conquest
When the brave omit finesse


Photo from pixabay.