Tyrant In Her Tower (Poem)

mobile-phone-1875813_1920She’s fallen in ruins of destruction
Holding onto her torn paper doll
Gazing out across her wasteland of nothing
Observing the final end of it all

She’s given up her hunger for freedom
To be released from his chains
Not but a bare waif in his kingdom
Kept for years under wanton rein

She promised herself to one day be free
Which fostered the faintest flame inside
Igniting in her a vague hope to believe
Perhaps there really is some good in this life

Yet that tyrant’s still tossing about in her tower
So deluded he thinks she loves and obeys
Under his crooked crown of power
She struggles daily against his wicked ways

2006 (revised 2018)

Photo from pixabay.


Legacy Of An Ember (Poem)

No matter how high I climbtyler-lastovich-583959-unsplash.jpg
I keep on falling further behind
Even as I reach for the sky
My stomach churns and I ignite

My faith won’t lift me any higher
Not when I’m falling on fire
I don’t really care if I die
I’ve led astray too many in this life

Surrounding me with the stinging
Odor of burning wings
Sin has a way of destroying
Every part of this mortal body

There’s no way to climb any higher
I feel like I’m falling on fire
My immortal soul tumbles down
Leaving nasty holes in God’s clouds


Photo by Tyler Lastovich on Unsplash

Sidelines (Poem)


If I could start over completely
I would do this differently
If I had a second chance to be
The man you wanted of me

If I could start over one time
I’d give anything for another try
I wish I could rewind my mind
But instead I’m –

Sitting on the sidelines
Wallowing all my life
Allowing moments to pass on by

If I could wipe my slate clean
I promise to do things perfectly
If I had a second chance to be
Everything you need

I’d give anything for a second try
I promise somehow to get it right
I’d give anything to restart this time
I wish I wasn’t –

Sitting on the sidelines
Watching you my whole life
Wishing I could be by your side

2011 (revised 2018)


Photo by Trym Nilsen on Unsplash

Imaginary (Poem)


Photo by Lefty Kasdaglis on Unsplash

he’s in love with a picture frame
her beauty motionless, frozen in place

regrettably keeping her love all to himself
rarely sharing it with anyone else

but this burning passion is fake as any
bleakly lusting over something imaginary

doomed to be marooned by his own ardor
desperately far from her lonesome harbor

shamefully trying to make his delusion perfect
sad, really, the real world never seemed worth it

2006 (revised 2018)


Erased (Poem)

art fingers foggy hand
Photo by Pedro Figueras on Pexels.com

folded and put away
those precious memories fade
as hard as I try to hold
they slip right through the floor

abandoned from the warmth
of losing something wonderful
in pieces, perfectly defeated
I tremble as everything’s deleted

whenever I try to remember
I find my mind’s already surrendered
my broken musing mislay
save but one, all else, erased