Mutiny, Mocking (Two Haiku Poems)


She can’t choose between

A terrible mutiny

Sailing without me

Aboard my small ship

Two friends both can’t be captains

Stand fast, stop mocking

Photo by Charlie Harutaka on Unsplash


Frost, Float (Two Haiku Poems)

filip-mroz-567651-unsplash.jpgAbove all your ice

Your frozen crown tilts one side

As smug frost collides


Hopeless in this moat

Negative waves jerk my rope

Good thoughts never float


Photo by Filip Mroz on Unsplash

So while I was revisiting some of my older poems (which I exemplified in I Often Wander In Circles), I had several short poems and leftover stanzas that were trimmed off and honestly I really didn’t know what to do with them. As terrible as it may sound, I have deleted a fair share of poetry over the years (which is why I wrote Erased as a post reflection of those times) so there was a risk of that reoccurring.

Well anyways, after holding these recent snippets in my back pocket for a while I decided to try turning them into a series of Haiku poems. I haven’t written much of these before, so if I missed the mark with these, please let me know.  Who knows, if they really are that bad, I may delete them =)


Venom (Poem)

beige python on brown branch of tree
Photo by Worldspectrum on

At the risk of sounding mean
I won’t be saying anything

Too bad you let yourself get hurt
Even from my kindest words

So sad you’ve never had a clue
Of all the things I’m not telling you

But I’m glad you can’t peek inside
Coiled up tight, to my vicious side

My forked tongue knows venom burns
From always biting back these words