Not Adding Up (Poem)

judging by the fact that I can’t add
me and you will never equal two
maybe the time is to bow in, trouncing curves
fractured and falling through a world of hurt
I’m bound to degrade exponentially
failing to see the imaginary value between
shame that your love is no longer blind
I find I measure well below the average guy


Dreadful Tide (Poem)

I’m afraid your integrity wanes
By time’s disparaging grace
Quiet ocean lulls against her lies
Timid goddess hides pale eyes

Rank as clouds billow out
Leaking squalls that keep pushing down
Immense cost of staying alive
Lone survivor in this dreadful tide


Curse The Waves (Poem)

Oh dear, I fear this cocky ship’s sinking more each day
Abandoned by the oars, I’m following all the same
Good intentions won’t long keep these weathered boards afloat
Best chances of not drowning were safely staying home
Oh curse you waves! Your sharks need little excuse to feed
Cruel ocean gnaws at me for sailing carelessly


Photo by Mishal Ibrahim on Unsplash