Christmas, Cookies (Two Senryu Poems)

Children at their best

Pretending sleep for Christmas

Beneath snow packed roofs

From their hearth flakes fall 

Upon plates of warm cookies 

Scent blankets the home

Photo from pixabay.

You may notice in my series of paired Haiku and Senryu poems that they also contain a third, slightly hidden poem highlighted throughout the words of the two. If you haven’t noticed before, or haven’t seen my others, I would welcome feedback.

This has been a fun challenge to keep the lines sensical while still being able to flow with context of a third poem.

May the holidays bring you peace, thank you very much for reading my prattles and oddities. 


Questions (Senryu Poem) #AHC



Quivering questions

Quailing quietly, questing

Quelling quahogs’ quips


Photo by Maria M on Unsplash



Alphabet Haiku Challenge ~ Q


Well, ‘Q’ was a tough one! Sadly I couldn’t make two poems work in my typical fashion without the third interwoven poem turning nonsensical. So here is just one, with the question of “If food could talk, would you want to know what clams (quahogs) are saying?”.

Plume, Prattle (Two Senryu Poems) #AHC

woman-918981_1920Pajamas’ pink plume

Perky pairs proudly protrude

Publicly perfect

Projecting prim poise

Privately psycho prattle

Perverted poet

Photo from pixabay.

Two Haiku poems (really Senryu) that have a highlighted third word poem woven in the words of the other two.

This time I fear I may have been too vulgar, rather than playful with the theme of lust, so for that I am sorry.

Alphabet Haiku Challenge ~ P: