Haiku / Senryu Highlights

This is a selection of Haiku style poems I’ve written, many of the dual poems have a third poem hidden through the highlighted words.

Frost, Float ~ 2018

 Above all your ice
Your frozen crown tilts one side
As smug frost collides
Hopeless in this moat
Negative waves jerk my rope
Good thoughts never float

Hope, Halo ~ 2018

 Last year’s shipment of
All our hope arrived too late
In these sunken boats

Your halo hangs low
Bending on white feathered wings
Burning hearts below

Sun, Rain ~ 2018

 Wasting summer sun
Winter’s always hungover
She drinks October
May’s rain drowns all drought
Showering the land in drops
She loves God's puddles

Dressed, Dreams ~ 2018

 Rise, shine - thank you light
Get up, get dressed - back to bed
No - I’m not ready
Intense when beeping
Alarm knows I'm still sleeping
Barging into dreams

Montague, Mirror ~ 2018

 This poison you left
Must mean I’m a Montague
Not a Capulet
I hate what I see
My mirror glares back equally
Juliet agrees

Mutiny, Mocking ~ 2018

 She can't choose between
A terrible mutiny
Sailing without me

Aboard my small ship
Two friends both can't be captains
Stand fast, stop mocking

Murky, Moonlight ~ 2018

Trapped in Shadowland
Nightmares infest this village
A murky king reigns
Marching to Moonlight
Flames burst from a frightened mob
As the roofs ignite

Plume, Prattle ~ 2018

Pajamas' pink plume
Perky pairs proudly protrude
Publicly perfect

Projecting prim poise
Privately psycho prattle
Perverted poet

Christmas, Cookies ~ 2018

Children at their best
Pretending sleep for Christmas
Beneath snow packed roofs

From their hearth flakes fall 
Upon plates of warm cookies 
Scent blankets the home

Crumpled ~ 2019

 petal tumbles down
comforting his crumpled ground
beauty stems from her

Varied (Haiga) ~ 2019

stirred against the stream
faith sways - so often varied
grasping for belief

Green With Envy (Haiga-Senryu) ~ 2019

these leaves sparkling green
do not mean what they used to
flower's spoken for

Shells (Haiga-Senryu) ~ 2019

sound crazed hatching tells
of a nest sporting new shells
dragon awakens

Worms (Haiga-Senryu) ~ 2019

a call bluffing wild
worms inching a creepy dive
bound for her apple

Just A Wish (Haiga) ~ 2019

This momentous wish
Chock-full of thirst and intent
Was stealing a kiss

Hollow Void (Haibun-Haiga) ~ 2019

Spreading void, ill light
Match's neglect waxes high
As hollow wick dries

Salting (Haiga-Senryu) ~ 2019

even oceans break
their fears lashing out in pain
tears salting warm waves

Game Set Fire (Haiga-Senryu) ~ 2019

seeking victory
she hounds me across the board
weeping, my mount lies