Once More (Poem)

Entombed in a colorless stupor
Blind to what her spark was for
Hold fast, bold lantern – cradle long that floor
Alas my cold past beckons once more



Varied (Haiga)

For Colleen’s weekly challenge, using synonyms of her prompt words Influence & Perception, here is a water/rocks watercolor study I did to make a Haiga with Stir & Grasp.



stirred against the stream
faith sways - so often varied
grasping for belief

I, Ego (Poem)

I find my injured ego revolting
Insistently boisterous and shining
Ignoring lesser creatures’ complaints
Infused, injected, id super-plated
It’s an irritatingly simple truth
Idly obscuring others from view
Indifference masks over cries for help
I am only interested in self


Photo by Andrew Schultz on Unsplash