Tanka / Etheree Highlights

This is a selection of Tanka and Etheree poems I’ve written over the years.

Sun Down (Tanka) ~ 2018

 Orange burning round
Guiding worn geese fleeing east
Reflecting soft sounds
Weary fish scuttle beneath
Blue waves drag dreary sun down

Dying To Be Alone (Etheree) ~ 2018

Extends out
Pushing back earth
Shifting from a gust
Breaking over her tomb
More digits follow the first
Timid movements laden with woe
Why was she buried in the first place?
She never was dying to be alone

News (Etheree) ~ 2018

someone close to me told me a secret
it wasn't you, but I'm sure you'll keep it
to know news is no accident
but to share in confidence
is a coincidence
nothing's classified
when scrutinized
as a

Derelict Adventure (Etheree) ~ 2018

buried in shelves
skittish print dust bound
dulcet yet derelict
flush with want, packed full of life
voracious for discovery
but time bodes ill of this adventure
pale refuse neglected by its seeker

Yarn (Etheree) ~ 2018

barren yard
lavishly spread
spools of twine pulled tight
disguising my sound threads
rigorous patterns alight
secured strings wound up as trip lines
bitter tension hides before your eyes
ensnaring wayfarers in knotty yarn
Hugs (Tanka) ~ 2019

sending plastic hugs
in lieu of bags dripping blood
sure beats ruined yards
left to quell smug party scars
sad, my trash is full again

Make-Believe (Tanka) ~ 2019

Genesis of dreams 
Is she really make-believe?
I tremble to think
Her cruel tricks devour me
Augmenting reality

The Study Of Wind (Tanka) ~ 2019

Grass waves up to bob
Rolling past horizon’s nod
Hymn to the seasons
Gusty winds chant snow leaving
Fields bend, a boastful ballad

Stygian White (Etheree) ~ 2019

Old roof
Bathed in pools
Of cloud’s sad gift
Vexing sullen shack
Who trembles holding back
To spite the stygian white
Marred branches of uneven size
Four frail panes worrying one weak latch
Windows of danger close nigh the rain’s pass

Joke (Etheree) ~ 2019

joke’s on you
at the expense
of me, laughably
simple, yet blind to see
tears hot and riddled by truth
crashing through this spiteful lampoon
inner voice rails with the unanswered
stricken to rise from your luring banter

Drawing Blanks (Etheree) ~ 2019

the tip
of pencil
leaning over
my unfurnished words
soaring to embrace her
emptiness grips this paper
forlorn delights of torn graphite
splinters collide into tender lines
despondent mischief in a new year’s eyes

Brave Step (Tanka) ~ 2019

it is a brave step
withdrawn from a chance outside
that starts at my door
a walking deluge ensues
minting faces in broad snow

Duel (Tanka) ~ 2019

Clear this idle deck
I’m to force friends to duel
Planks won’t walk themselves
When laggard swords aren’t talking
Love pains me to be shipwrecked

The Greed Of The Sea (Tanka) ~ 2019

Lone clasp worn away
Withered sandal bore life’s age
Sea culls as things break
Obscured under ocean spray
Torn naked by foamy waves

Roots (Tanka) ~ 2019

Left bare – my roots dried
Below singing her sorrow
Human waste chokes life
She dawns a dress to pen Spring
Disease, it seems, lets it fall